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Frequently Asked Questions about our SUMMER CAMPS
*Refer to each individual page for our Winter Clinic, Fall Cinics, or Fresh Soph Camp details.* 

Key Deposits and Health Waivers?
What is the Tar Heel Lacrosse Camps Refund Policy?
What if my camper needs airport transportation (to/from RDU)?
What should my camper bring to camp?
Where will we stay on campus?
Where do we eat on campus? What if my child needs gluten-free dining or has allergies?
Where can be park on campus?
Can a camper drive himself to camp?
Where are camp sessions held?
Can parents observe sessions?
What are the rooming arrangements like at camp?
Can my camper request a camp team?
What will campers do in their free time?
What happens if my child gets sick, injured, homesick, etc??



Attention Campers: You must have the following things in hand at check in…

  • A $100 check written out to Breschi Lacrosse for key deposit for camps assigning RESIDENTIAL HALLS ONLY. (Checks will be returned at check-out pending the return of assigned room key.)
  • Two documents:
    1. The UNC Health Waiver fully completed and signed by necessary adult(s). You must include: PHONE NUMBER OF PARENT/GUARDIAN, ALL health insurance information. This is only a waiver to provide health care if needed; a physician signature IS required for 2015 (UNC Athletic Department Camp requirement).
    2. Summer Camp Compliance Attestation Form 

    What is the Tar Heel Lacrosse Camps refund policy?

    Each Tar Heel Lacrosse Camp REQUIRES a Non Refundable Deposit. Please be aware each camp's Non Refundable Deposit may vary. Within 30 days of the start of camp, no refunds are given at all. (PLEASE NOTE: There are no exceptions, including weather)

    Please contact Cathy Martin at tarheellaxcamp@gmail.com (written request) for email. Emails must be postmarked by deadline dates. 


    What if my camper needs airport transportation (to/from RDU)?

    Please download the Airport Transportation Request and mail in no later than camp deadline listed on form (late forms will not be accepted, for any reason). Please be sure to check the camp Check In/Out times to allow travel time! The camps that are listed on this form are the only camps we offer Airport Transportation for. We will contact you two days prior to start of camp with pick up arrangements for each terminal. Mail your check to the address listed on the form and address check to Breschi Lacrosse. WE CANNOT PROVIDE THE UNACCOMPANIED MINOR SERVICE FOR ANY CAMPER, OUR APOLOGIES. OUR CAMP STAFF HAVE OTHER OBLIGATIONS  - CAMPERS WILL ONLY BE PICKED UP AND DROPPED OFF.


    What should my camper bring to camp?

    Items Campers Should Bring to Camp:

    • ALL Lacrosse equipment including mouthpiece, turf and grass shoes (BOTH TYPES!)
    • Bedding, sheets, towels, pillows, etc.
    • Toiletries
    • Small snacks or drinks
    • Sunscreen
    • Gold Bond and other over the counter medications, if needed (we cannot provide medication)

    There will be a camp store nightly selling camp gear, gatorade, and pizza.

    Rooms will be air-conditioned, so please leave fans at home! TV's and Laptops should be left at home as well.

    Tarheel Lacrosse Camps will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items, so please be smart with what you bring and where you leave it!


    Where Will We Stay While On Campus?

    All campers will be housed in one of the UNC Dormitories (this is TBD for each camp). Directions and location of each camp check in will be provided on the indivdual camp page, as well as in Important Information email that is sent out the week of camp.

    For local hotel deals for parents, please see our link on the left hand menu - "Local Hotel Deals."


    Where will we eat on campus? What if my child needs gluten-free dining or has allergies?

    All campers will eat at Rams Head Dining Hall. If your child needs gluten-free or any other special dining (including allergies), please email us at least 14 days prior to camp so we can make the necessary arrangements with the dining hall to accommodate your son.


    Where can we park on campus?

    During check in and check out, Public Safety requests that you park while unloading in the Ram's Head Parking Deck off of Ridge Road. There is a small fee to park in Rams Head Deck.

    **Parking is free on campus on weekends and anytime after 5 pm. Any other time you must park in a deck to avoid being ticketed.**


    Can a camper drive himself to camp?

    We highly discourage campers to drive himself to camp. Any camper driving to camp themselves will be required to pay for parking while on campus ($14/day) in Highway 54 lot (about a mile and a half walk from the dorms). No parking passes will be given to campers. Campers must also turn their keys in to Coach Joe Martin at check in to ensure their safety.


    Where are camp sessions held?

    Camp sessions are held on a variety of fields on campus. Each camp will have designated fields, please check with the individual camp page for the schedule where this information will be posted. There will also be an Important Information email sent out the week of camp outlining this information.

    Finley Fields (grass fields), Ehringhaus (field turf), Navy (field turf), Henry Field (astro turf), and Hooker Fields (field turf). It is the camper’s responsibility to have all the necessary shoes to play on these field types.


    Can parents observe sessions?

    If desired, parents are allowed to observe any session. We ask that they observe from a safe distance, as Tar Heel Lacrosse Camps is not responsible for spectator injury. We also ask that you do not COACH your son and do not HECKLE the refs.


    What Are the Rooming Arrangements Like At Camp?

    All rooms are double occupancy (meaning two people per room). Each room is a part of a six or eight person suite that shares a bathroom. Please note: No switching or re-assignments will be permitted during check in.


    Can my camper request a camp team?

    No – we have hundreds of campers attending camps and they all expect an amazing, equal opportunity to learn and play lacrosse at the highest level. We do not take camp team requests for friends or groups.


    What will campers do in their free time?

    Tar Heel Lacrosse Camps runs on a three-session schedule. Between sessions, campers will eat in the nearby dining hall (Rams Head Dining Hall) and catch some cool air in the dorms.


    What happens if my child gets sick, injured, homesick, etc?

    We have certified athletic trainers at all camp sessions and staffing the dorms 24 hours a day. Ms. Nina Walker, certified athletic trainer for the UNC Men's Lacrosse team, heads up her camp staff. There is an athletic training room designated at camp. Campers will talk with the athletic trainers initially during check in, and may show up at the dorm room for any other issues up until 11 pm. One athletic trainer is ON CALL nightly (after 11 pm). The athletic training suite will be listed on the camper’s registration packet at check in. If need be, our athletic trainers work with UNC Hospital for any issues that do arise.

    While we haven't had many incidents of a camper being homesick, we highly ask parents to consider if their child is ready to be away for camp. We have noticed homesick feelings usually occur with our younger residential campers (6th or 7th) graders. If needed, we do offer the "commuter" option for campers that aren't ready to stay in the dorm, but still allows them to participate in all camp session. Changes in resident/commuter status will not be accepted after the 2 week prior deadline.