DATE: July 24-27, 2019

(** Open to High School players 9th grade to 12th grade **)


(Registration Closes July 17, 2019)

I Am Coming With My Team:

The North Carolina Elite High School Team Skill Training Camp & Showdown is unlike any other lacrosse experience you will participate in.  You will get hands on training lead by UNC Head Coach Joe Breschi, the rest of the “top notch” UNC Coaching staff, players as well as other DI, D2, and D3 lacrosse coaches.  Players will be put through offensive and defensive skills, drills and situations as well as uneven and transition play.
Each High School coach and their staff is invited to attend all training sessions to learn how college coaches teach the game of lacrosse.
After training camp is over teams will then face off in the Showdown where players can apply skills they learned during training.



Free Agency:
If you don’t have a team to come with, don’t worry — register as a “Free Agent”.  We will create teams from these players who will be coached by outstanding college coaches and players.
The Free Agents will compete side by side with the other teams in the Showdown.

I Am Not Coming With My Team


I Want To Be A Free Agent:

Where:  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Grad Years:  2020, 2021, 2022, & 2023)

  • High School, Club, All-Star Teams & Individual Registrants Welcome
  • During Registration unaffiliated individuals should register for “Free Agent” team and will be placed on one of the Free Agent Teams Coached by a College Coach or Player
  • Teams may come as mixed or specific grad years
Commuter Camper (No Housing) – $399 
(with a $25 Non-refundable Online Processing Fee)
Resident Camper (Housing) – $499
(with a $25 Non-refundable Online Processing Fee)
**PLEASE NOTE** Required $200 non-refundable deposit fee




Registration & Administration

Julie Breschi:


Team Training & Showdown

Todd MacFarlane:

Day 1
1:00PM to 3:30PM – Camp Check In at Residence Hall
4:00PM to 7:00PM – Dinner
5:30PM to 9:00PM – Training Session #1
11:00PM – Lights Out
Day 2
7:00AM – Wake Up
7:00AM to 8:30AM – Breakfast Dining Hall
8:00AM to 11:00AM – Training Session #2
11:00AM to 1:30AM – Lunch Dining Hall
1:00PM to 4:00PM – Training Session #3
4:00PM to 7:00PM – Dinner  Dining Hall
5:30PM to 9:00PM – Showdown Games Begin
11:00PM – Lights Out
Day 3
7:00AM – Wake Up
7:00AM to 8:30AM – Breakfast  Dining Hall
8:00AM to 11:00AM – Morning Games Showdown Games
11:00AM to 1:30AM – Lunch  Dining Hall
1:00PM to 4:00PM – Showdown Games
4:00PM to 7:00PM – Dinner  Dining Hall
5:30PM to 9:00PM – Showdown Games
9:30PM – Camp All Star Game
11:00PM – Lights Out
Day 4
7:00AM – Wake Up
7:00AM to 8:30AM – Breakfast  Dining Hall
8:00AM to 11:00AM – Showdown Games
9:30AM to 12:00PM – Camp Check Out


Mandatory Camp Forms:

All Campers must provide a hard copy of the following forms at check in order to participate. There are no exceptions to this rule, without the proper forms no camper will be allowed to participate. Please have these forms completely filled out before arriving to check in.


Tar Heel Medical Release (PLEASE CLICK HERE)
(This Form Requires a Doctors Signature – If you can not obtain a Doctors signature on this form, please fill it out completely and attach a copy of your child’s Physical to it)


NCAA Compliance Attestation Form (PLEASE CLICK HERE)



Due to a recent increase in cases of communicable diseases (i.e. whooping cough, measles) around the country, the Department of Environment, Health and Safety at UNC is recommending that all participants of camps provide record of their immunizations to the university staff overseeing the sports camp.

Camp participation will still be allowed without the record, but please be aware in the event of an outbreak, campers may be asked to leave the University by Orange County Health Officials or possibly quarantined depending on risk of exposure and their ability to confirm immunization status.

You may turn in the documents at registration along with the UNC Medical Form and the NCAA Attestation Form.