Camp Forms


Mandatory Camp Forms:

All Campers must provide a hard copy of the following forms at check in order to participate. There are no exceptions to this rule, without the proper forms no camper will be allowed to participate. Please have these forms completely filled out before arriving to check in.


Tar Heel Medical Release (PLEASE CLICK HERE)
(This Form Requires a Doctors Signature – If you can not obtain a Doctors signature on this form, please fill it out completely and attach a copy of your child’s Physical to it)


NCAA Compliance Attestation Form (PLEASE CLICK HERE)



Due to a recent increase in cases of communicable diseases (i.e. whooping cough, measles) around the country, the Department of Environment, Health and Safety at UNC is recommending that all participants of camps provide record of their immunizations to the university staff overseeing the sports camp.

Camp participation will still be allowed without the record, but please be aware in the event of an outbreak, campers may be asked to leave the University by Orange County Health Officials or possibly quarantined depending on risk of exposure and their ability to confirm immunization status.

You may turn in the documents at registration along with the UNC Medical Form and the NCAA Attestation Form.